hitting the road in the new year!

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yaga yoooo !!! its 8 am, im sitting in a starbucks drinking coffee and blogging...about a year ago id talk shit on someone doing the same...oh well. i have a pretty good excuse for it though, i have to send some files over the intranet while im waiting for aj, tim and holson to come pick me up for our cross country trip. why not check some things off of the list then eh? and where else can i get free internet at 7am? if i were to swing by most anyones spot right then id probably get no answer at the door due to them still being passed out from partying till just a few hours prior...aka jay bel. only 2 more hours to go for sending this file and sitting in a corner while people watching! 

back to the roadtrip joint though; so far the only things i know is that 4 of us are driving in a honda passport with all our ski gear and 2 complete video packages. i know that we are planning on swinging through toronto, michigan, and just found out we are making our way by wisconsin, all the while we will be shooting handrails and whatever else we can find to tap/slide/whatever with skis on the feet...excited for the cramped convines fe sho. this comes just on the heals of another trip i had a few days ago with the meatheads. dont get me wrong, it was wicked productive and all but i had little idea while i was still curing a hangover on a street corner in downtown burlington at 8 am that i would find myself shooting rails till 3 am for the next 3 days across the east coast and further, that i would find myself driving through the big dig tunnels of boston while searching for more rails. fuck it, it was a sick trip! check out the meatheads movie next year for some of that footy!

so as im kicking it here at my starbucks it gives me plenty of time to be trendy and all that...most of you know that im a big fan of music blogs as well...through some random surfing on those things i ran across this rad los campesinos music video...theyre touring the us dogggsss! unfortunately it doesnt look like salt lake is on their itenerary though...bastards.
peep the video and ill get some updates from the road on here in the next few days!