Surface and Malone

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recently ive gotten the chance the meet the guys over at surface, definate thumbs up on them all. while i was cranking away for the finals week at school i got a phone call about a potential couple of shots needed for them, i was all over it! i got hooked up with kevin malon to go shred some shit up at brighton and then maybe get a few other shots through the weekend. this is what i got over the weekend all while still getting my study on. its been a bit delayed since ive been shooting a bunch more here in vermont..peep the jay video below for a hint of that. yesterday lil john and i hit some pretty sweet urban in town and we, along with the kitty cat are hitting up stowe tomorow, maybe bolton at bar then in burlington at a sweater party aaaand then doing the old smuggs joint on sat. good stuff being home! a little birdy says there might even be a trip to mt snow in the works???

2 Days w/ Malone from Hennie vJ on Vimeo.

rubberband man!

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in the earlier post i mentioned i was stoked on the rubberband man song, what better way to show my stokedness on it by making an edit? here you go with a little mini trip jay, jon and myself took to jay peak up in the great northeast kingdom of vermont!

shit was cold as fuck by the way, by the time we got to the car at 3pm the temperature was around 3...hence the reason why i only took 2 runs...enjoy!

Jay Peak Dec 22 from Hennie vJ on Vimeo.


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yaga yo! im in vt, loving life. went shredding at smuggs a day ago and it was a total blast fe sho! tomorow they are having on of their first altitude adjustments so ill be up there keeping it og style. wicked excited for it all! right now i have a new edit in the works recapping december. obviously your smart and realize were only halfway through so itll be a bit before its going to be up, im lliking it so far for sure though! in the is a vital piece of health info for you...

drink h2o from Hennie vJ on Vimeo.

BONUS !!! here is an illin track i just discovered. give me 3 hoorahs for those tv infomercials celebrating big collectors editions of dvds and shit... one of those examples... midnight specials - great performances of the 70s looked like this would be a ballliinn bit to watch for sure! here is one of the tracks of that set...The Spinners - The Rubberband Man


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2 am, just finally got the ball rolling on the final project for my 2d animation class... hitting the hay right now and getting up bright and early for some brighton action! hitting up guardsman's on sunday and then still wrapping up the semester over monday / tuesday to head back home for a bit! exciting next few days fe sho!

here is the start to that final project...

WAKE UP! from Hennie vJ on Vimeo.

and in the meantime...

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here is an oldish kinda gem...last year i made it a mission to take the hvx out from school as much as possible...this was my first weekend with the guy and i sure did have fun with her!... enjoy!

HiV-X 200 from Hennie vJ on Vimeo.

DreamLand/The Canyons Opener!

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here you go all, shot this sucker the other week. big thanks to aj for coming out and helping with the shooting and a bit in the editing deals. let me know what you think eh!?

ill be getting the canyons one up latron....

DreamLand '08 from Hennie vJ on Vimeo.

and here we go with the canyons edit!!

Canyons Resort Opening Day Dec 5th from Hennie vJ on Vimeo.

hiiii de hoooo

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yaga yo! its been a bit since i last put something on this biz. BUT good things are to come for sure! just finished the dreamland edit and dropped it off for drew. i have to give it to him, he sure is good at keeping me stoked on working for his shit. word on the street has it that the next show im doing through him will be at sundance with 50 cent on lock and a potential of lil wayne making an appearance...BALLER! haha. but yeah, things are still swell as hell, just a lil crazy right now iwth the semester coming to a close. be sure to check back on here in a day or two when ill be throwing up both the dreamland edit AND canyons opening day edit featuring giray dazelnuts. im about to go celebrate...safely of course!


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i know i know, i went a day wihtout posting up something...sorry...i have a few other things going on right now...2 more weeks and i wont be hindered by school anymore though! taking a trip to the uintahs this weekend as well so maybe ill snap a few digicam photos to throw up on here later. in the meantime here is the final edit that i gave to for that west coast sessions trip we had...booyaka!

West Coast Sessions Final from Hennie vJ on Vimeo.

on the way...

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shot the rave this past are a few frame captures from the whole shindig...editing starts tomorow with a deadline on sunday...ha cha!

RAVIN' D00000D !!!

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im sure that most of you know about my fascination about this whole subject...raves are rediculous, end of story. the amount of energy that is created by these events is pretty awesome for sure. ...anyway, why not show my appreciation of these badass events by doing a video about it???
a few weeks ago, i was thrilled at the chance to go to a girltalk show the night before halloween. witt, becky, and myself all went to the girl talk show here in slc together (again, huge fan of girltalk, go check him out whenever you get the chance!) anyway, afterwards as i was sitting on the couch eating my post show molca salsa i get a call from valerie asking if id be down with shooting get freaky'08...backstage pass and access anywhere i want to..all for the purpose of trying to make as cool of a video of the event as possible. needless to say, i nearly lost it on the couch...i was signed up! below you can see the video that i ended up with...crazy, crazy event, but sooo much fun!

last night i got a chance to go shoot another rave. i called up aj dakoulas to come and help me out. over the next few days ill be editing a lil promo video for that now as well. check back in a week or so for dreamland '08!

here you go with get freakyl organized by v2 entertainment.

Get Freaky '08 from Hennie vJ on Vimeo.

turkey day..going to add words later...

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Turkey Day! from Hennie vJ on Vimeo.

halfer wrapper!

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happy turkey day for all you sillys out there! turns out that im way too antsy to go through 4 days of only posting up one daily video from the whole west coast session here you go...all the rest of the daily updates conveniently packaged into one post for you to look at! 

WCS Day 3 - First Base! from Hennie vJ on Vimeo.

note that there isnt a day 4 video on here...we can all thank the ever trustworth gl2 for that. austin from saga hooked it up for a few of us (barnes, brady, witt, steve, myself and a photoG/friend of austin's that name i forgot...starts with a j though) and gave us all a ride to the top of ski bowl while it was closed during a snowstorm...keep in mind this was in may. anyway, with all of us up there i can confidently say i was getting some of the best shots of my season; steve got some dope right spins, witt and barnes busted some big oll backies and brady did a few cool taps and bonks...we even hit up a pretty gnar bar tree tap/handdrag type thing...i was so stoked on it all and then got back only to find out my tape was fucked and unrecoverable...this also happened on the 6th and final day of the trip...when i got back, these two setbacks definately had a impact on my overall mood for quite some time to follow. oh well, i can look back at it now in a slightly better mindset....

jumping from spring to on turkey day i headed up gaurdsmans pass to go hit the "super secret rail stash spot" aka the bone zone aka jp's rails way up in the woods. the spot is actually really really legit, if anyone who built those rails ever reads this random post, way to go and thanks a ton! while we were up there i pulled out the camera and got some shots of the homies shredding. bottom line..look for a quick video recap of that coming up in a few days! see you all sometime soon and goodluck digesting all that food.

wcs updates

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so i get home the other day and what do you know, dylan is blogging!...guess i have to keep up to date with it all....this past spring i got the opportunity to head up to mt hood oregon and go shoot some of the 4bi9 kids (kutcher, brady, witt, and steve) shred it up at a photoshoot-ish kinda event called the west coast sessions. thanks to both aj and ethan hunt for hooking it up on that one! anyway, this event stems from the popular ski site, as well as amplid skis.the organizers went ahead and invited a bunch of kids to come up and ski for a few days whilst a healthy army of photographers, videographers and journalists follow them around. like i said, i went up there with some of the 4bi9 kids and part of my obligations were to deliver sort of day to day updates, then finally top it off with a nice overall sort of video that wraps the week off. so here we go, day one! travel time!

WCS Day 1 - Travel from Hennie vJ on Vimeo.

continuing cleaning out the closet

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so im just throwing out old videos i have kicking around on my harddrive...this is for the doc. production class i took about a year ago or so...shit was pretty sweet. this is just a piece about the focus of our local news....side a(student body) argues that we need to broaden the scope of what we see on the basic 6pm news broadcast...while side b (the actual news, in this case represented by mr psarras) argues that they are the local news for a reason, they cover the local cant have everything on a silver platter, go out and search up on some of the stuff if you want more. ...yup...

Local News Doc. from Hennie vJ on Vimeo.

ha cha!

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its awesome when you can actually do homework at home! for the animation class that im in we get to make mini videos almost every week, im a big fan of them! the one in the previous post was from our second week of class. for that assignment we were to make a minute long piece in final cut using just solid color mattes and filters...thats what i came up with. i just finished week 12s assignment in our backyard with thanks to the new roommate kevin and my buddy collin (who i just got to sign up for one of these things as well! .. ). for this assignment we were to do pixelation animation, pretty much stop motion animation using just final cut again.

speaking of roommates and all, dylan natale is another one in the house that just started up his own as well. dylan is a skier and travels quite a bit with his truck and snowmobile in hopes of putting out banger ski segments in several movies (has been doing a pretty good job at that)...dylan is also a very conscientious person about his personal carbon footprint...(hippy stuff). over at his blog you can read about his efforts and thoughts to solve that little predicament of his...

***BONUS*** all 3 roommates in one post! dylan and kyler like to play ping pong...this is a quick throwback to that chapelle skit where he explains how everything is better in slow motion...

its escalating!

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so this morning i awoke to jeffrey having put on a new video on his competing blog. the goals behind his videos are completely void of any purpose besides just simply being put up. although i have to give it to him....seeing a clip of james brown defending himself against a domestic abuse charge right before headed down to south america on a tour is kind of amusing laying in bed still. so jeff, when you put up a video, ill put up a we go with a mini animation (if you even want to call it that) that i made the other week for a class...more to come eh

might as well...

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just realized that if you watch the first video below you get to see another doozy i made last year...figured why not just embed that sucker in here as well?...just a collection of on the go edits i made, coming soon...the west coast sessions!

Untitled from Hennie vJ on Vimeo.


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howdy there! 1st attempt at peeping this blogspot thing... maybe ill be keeping this as the new video update throughout the season???

so from the top...recently i picked up my fun new camera with a nice lil wireless setup on the audio side (its a/v for a reason!) over 2 days i played with it for a bit in the snow getting used to having something of the like in my hands. jeff, dylan, paul, murph, and kaia joined me on the first day and then witt and i did a pretty uneventful hike up the cat track near the entrance to grizz on the second.

oh yeah, during the whole editing process i diverted away from the pure video side and made a pretty picture of jeffrey... word on the street has it he has opened up his own blogspot thing now as well > <