Jah jah bless!

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Sitting in the airport in Belem, Brazil at the moment. Just got done with a freaking awesome time in the jungle shooting with The North Face crew for some spring product being used in the Jungle Marathon event. The idea behind the shoot is actually pretty pimp. Now with any shot out of the thing you know the authenticity factor is through the roof because these aren't just simple studio style shoots where the person poses for the camera but almost all the action shots were taken while the athletes were doing the different stages of the race. Shit got intense during it as well! By the day i left (day 4 out of 6) about a third had already dropped out with a few being taken to the ICU at local hospitals and one actually going into a 40 hour coma! The North Face is legit..bottom line. Here you go with a video we made for kind of the start of a storyline were working on coming from the trip. Also I added a few quick still frame captures from random video clips. Buuunches more to come!

The North Face at the 2009 Jungle Marathon from Hennie vJ on Vimeo.