might as well...

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just realized that if you watch the first video below you get to see another doozy i made last year...figured why not just embed that sucker in here as well?...just a collection of on the go edits i made, coming soon...the west coast sessions!

Untitled from Hennie vJ on Vimeo.


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howdy there! 1st attempt at peeping this blogspot thing... maybe ill be keeping this as the new video update throughout the season???

so from the top...recently i picked up my fun new camera with a nice lil wireless setup on the audio side (its a/v for a reason!)...so over 2 days i played with it for a bit in the snow getting used to having something of the like in my hands. jeff, dylan, paul, murph, and kaia joined me on the first day and then witt and i did a pretty uneventful hike up the cat track near the entrance to grizz on the second.

oh yeah, during the whole editing process i diverted away from the pure video side and made a pretty picture of jeffrey... word on the street has it he has opened up his own blogspot thing now as well > polarfriendly.blogspot.com <