the holidays...

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what the heck happened? its christmas already? last time i had a spare second it was august! anyway, along the tnf work ive been doing i have recently switched gears to get into a fulltime gig with msi. im going to be touring around for the freeskiing world tour as well as the north face masters. these two tours are going to hold me responsible to pretty much deliver any video output of these events...bunches of work to say the least. dippin a bit in my past i have dug up this lil powder edit i made as a bonus for rage last year. hope you enjoy!

Greatest Snow from Hennie vJ on Vimeo.

further, i also went up to the canyons today with sam, witt, brady and erica. we had a blast taking laps on the saddleback chair and made it a point to hit up boxzilla everytime. the beast measured in at 196'! crazy stuff, in an ironic twist erica, the only one in our crew to get the whole thing was only the only person to get eaten up by it. heres to hoping the back heals up chief!

Canyons Dec 20th ... BOXZILLA ! from Hennie vJ on Vimeo.