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for the brazil trip tim got me hooked up with a fresh f stop bag, these things are rad! here is an edit he had me throw together real quick of it being used on a few different trips. check it out...next up is the final brazil edit i believe and then onto some spanish climbing videos

Tim Kemple: Fstop Satori, Lotus, and Mala in Action from Tim Kemple on Vimeo.


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so far this past week has been one of the most intense editing weeks ive ever had, it started with the north face mike piece and the electrofy piece that i posted up in the previous entry. since then ive done 2 more north face edits, got signed up to do another rave promo and am currently working on an msi promo that is due thursday and a nice easy f stop camera bag edit that will be ready for viewing sometime tomorrow. after i get through this ill have a few more majorca pieces to get done as well as another party edit that i shot this past halloween weekend...this is resulting in a complete fuckup in my sleeping schedule, but i do not freaking care because this work is awesome! and here you go with some foot care from nikki booyaka!

TNF Jungle Marathon: Nikki Kimball from Tim Kemple on Vimeo.