on the road again...

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got a call the other day about taking a little trip out of utah. part of that included swinging out to colorado and kicking it with the nick version of the martini brothers. we got to work real fast! this is a  video i shot and nick edited from yesterday.  after having driven through the night and not getting to nicks spot till about 3:30am...we delayed our arrival time to the mtn till about 11am...no big deal ....

now i know this isnt the cleanest of songs....im working on a more pg rated edit so check back later for that. now just to fix my computer and then ill be hitting the road for a bit more...weeyooo!

hell yeah!

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the past 2 weeks have probably been a wicked time for most of you out there. as always im going to share a bit of what ive been up to. here is 1 day out of it. started off with a ride in the tram at snowbasin shooting jamie and reggie shredding it hard. then bolted up to idaho to get some urban shots with schlopy and schuster. weeeyoooo!