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i know i know, i went a day wihtout posting up something...sorry...i have a few other things going on right now...2 more weeks and i wont be hindered by school anymore though! taking a trip to the uintahs this weekend as well so maybe ill snap a few digicam photos to throw up on here later. in the meantime here is the final edit that i gave to for that west coast sessions trip we had...booyaka!

West Coast Sessions Final from Hennie vJ on Vimeo.

on the way...

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shot the rave this past are a few frame captures from the whole shindig...editing starts tomorow with a deadline on sunday...ha cha!

RAVIN' D00000D !!!

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im sure that most of you know about my fascination about this whole subject...raves are rediculous, end of story. the amount of energy that is created by these events is pretty awesome for sure. ...anyway, why not show my appreciation of these badass events by doing a video about it???
a few weeks ago, i was thrilled at the chance to go to a girltalk show the night before halloween. witt, becky, and myself all went to the girl talk show here in slc together (again, huge fan of girltalk, go check him out whenever you get the chance!) anyway, afterwards as i was sitting on the couch eating my post show molca salsa i get a call from valerie asking if id be down with shooting get freaky'08...backstage pass and access anywhere i want to..all for the purpose of trying to make as cool of a video of the event as possible. needless to say, i nearly lost it on the couch...i was signed up! below you can see the video that i ended up with...crazy, crazy event, but sooo much fun!

last night i got a chance to go shoot another rave. i called up aj dakoulas to come and help me out. over the next few days ill be editing a lil promo video for that now as well. check back in a week or so for dreamland '08!

here you go with get freakyl organized by v2 entertainment.

Get Freaky '08 from Hennie vJ on Vimeo.