The Motherland!

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yyyyeah! in about 3 hours i get to hop on a plane destined to johannesburg...aka im stoked. get to have a few days away from it and play with the seasons footy so far. already got a few songs and ideas that id like to mix and mash together. booyaka! expect at least 2 edits when i get back. PEACE!

and then some...

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april 7th i believe? fresh out of the most absurd 2 week sprint in what i thought was spring...170" was reported by alta...reeediculous! so obviously with all this snow i was a bit busy. got some shit done with giray during that time which is rad! just yesterday was the first legit spring day ive seen in ages and we took full advantage of it by heading up to pc for a lil booter action. big thanks to joe mack and erik seo who pulled a bunch of strings for the sesh to go down for sure. blah blah blah, here are some still captures...

joe mack, freshy switch front 5 melon

why grab skis when you have trees?

hes down there in a blur