party season?

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yiddigy. so after a nice 2 months delay i finally got my ass into gear and pumped out a real quick halloween party edit. slc killed it on this night actually. the hotel (club elevate), sandbar and lumpys all collaborated on this night. pierpont ave was shut down to traffic and drunk people in costumes were let free to stumble in between the spot of their choosing, one entrance was applicable to all places was good stuff!

SlC BlockParty - Halloween '09 from Hennie vJ on Vimeo.

***READ UP***
this past weekend MSI put on the freeskiing world tour kickoff party over at green street. i called in a favor of one of the go go girls and they came out to help bring a little extra flavor to the party. whats really sweet is that im editing this during the newly acquired 9-5 jam...instead of 2 months to see the video of it, itll only be a few days untill that sucker is up. check back soon!

the holidays...

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what the heck happened? its christmas already? last time i had a spare second it was august! anyway, along the tnf work ive been doing i have recently switched gears to get into a fulltime gig with msi. im going to be touring around for the freeskiing world tour as well as the north face masters. these two tours are going to hold me responsible to pretty much deliver any video output of these events...bunches of work to say the least. dippin a bit in my past i have dug up this lil powder edit i made as a bonus for rage last year. hope you enjoy!

Greatest Snow from Hennie vJ on Vimeo.

further, i also went up to the canyons today with sam, witt, brady and erica. we had a blast taking laps on the saddleback chair and made it a point to hit up boxzilla everytime. the beast measured in at 196'! crazy stuff, in an ironic twist erica, the only one in our crew to get the whole thing was only the only person to get eaten up by it. heres to hoping the back heals up chief!

Canyons Dec 20th ... BOXZILLA ! from Hennie vJ on Vimeo.

back to the jungle...

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here you go with the fourth installment from the jungle marathon trip made possible by the north face. this one is about tracy garneau and she freaking rocks. tracy came down with the us team but actually hails from vernon, canada. she kept the canadian spirit shining through her every move and it was awesome to enjoy the company of her during the trip. find out a bit more about what makes her tick, enjoy!
next up is a bunch of videos that im currently working on from some of north face's best climbers over in spain. check back for that in a few days!

Jungle Marathon: Tracy Garneau from Tim Kemple on Vimeo.

finally got the go ahead to release this jam, promo for the freeskiing world tour coming up this winter. this is what one of my main gigs is going to be, to cover and let people know about this event. the skiers in it are freaking crazy!!!

FWT 2010 Promo from Hennie vJ on Vimeo.

another promo, big surprise...

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Naughty or Nice? Dec 18th @ The Rail from Hennie vJ on Vimeo.

counting down

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this past weekend i went up to alta to get my first real turns in of the was wicked fun up untill the dreaded calling last run thing came up and bit me in the ass..legit. on the last turn of the last run i went flying into a ditch backwards with my bum hitting some covered up rocks and stumps. i came home and was couch logged for a few hours while i bitched and moaned to an empty room. oh well. on the video front, ive still been hammering out videos over the last few days and thought id put a few of them up. the very, very last of the brazil pieces (tracy garneau) still hasnt been released yet for some reason but once it gets the go ahead ill be sure to throw that one up. past that, i snipped off the freeskiing world tour promo and ill be throwing that guy up this coming monday, to go along with that will also be the north face masters promo that i only did a few tweaks on the titles for it. both of these tours will be significant parts of my coming winter working with msi so be on the lookout for that! this past summer i had the opportunity to go out to the salt flats and shoot some ripping cars with my friend wes. wes is a baller pretty much, he slays shit with adobe and is one of their testers for all the new programs coming out. he took my footage from that day and cut this edit up using premiere and ae in their cs5 versions....yeah, cs5 aka, not out yet but watch for it in a few months! also in an earlier post i put up the electrofy edit, after i put it up a few changees had to be made so now here it is for a return. for some reason the dimensions on it are all fucked and im not really feeling it to go back and change all that yahooness so deal with it.

BMW M5 Salt Flats from Wes Howell on Vimeo.

Klaas @ Electrofy from Hennie vJ on Vimeo.


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for the brazil trip tim got me hooked up with a fresh f stop bag, these things are rad! here is an edit he had me throw together real quick of it being used on a few different trips. check it up is the final brazil edit i believe and then onto some spanish climbing videos

Tim Kemple: Fstop Satori, Lotus, and Mala in Action from Tim Kemple on Vimeo.


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so far this past week has been one of the most intense editing weeks ive ever had, it started with the north face mike piece and the electrofy piece that i posted up in the previous entry. since then ive done 2 more north face edits, got signed up to do another rave promo and am currently working on an msi promo that is due thursday and a nice easy f stop camera bag edit that will be ready for viewing sometime tomorrow. after i get through this ill have a few more majorca pieces to get done as well as another party edit that i shot this past halloween weekend...this is resulting in a complete fuckup in my sleeping schedule, but i do not freaking care because this work is awesome! and here you go with some foot care from nikki booyaka!

TNF Jungle Marathon: Nikki Kimball from Tim Kemple on Vimeo.

night owl...

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***NOTE*** the electrofy video will soon be up again, at the request of the guy in charge i had to make a few minor changes... probably like a day or two for this to take effect...
its been a great topic of discussion as of late...what makes it so that nearly every photo/video/designer guy i talk to all swear by the fact of working through the night...right now i can think of about 5 guys who do this habit...its a bad one but whatever gets the job done right? anyway, this week has been intense! so far i have done up 3 videos and get them on the vimeo account. tomorrow i will go into the studio to hopefully wrap up another north face video and then after that ill be getting started on a promo video for MSI for their upcoming freeski world tour..aaand i just got an email cashing in on another promo i owe one of the rave guys ive been doing business with stuff hey...brazilian bold has been the 711 coffee of choice these last few nights.

onto the videos so far...

TNF Mike Wolfe running at Jungle Marathon '09 from Hennie vJ on Vimeo.

a day at the office...rated pg-13 from Hennie vJ on Vimeo.

Electrofy w/ DJ Klaas from Hennie vJ on Vimeo.

Jah jah bless!

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Sitting in the airport in Belem, Brazil at the moment. Just got done with a freaking awesome time in the jungle shooting with The North Face crew for some spring product being used in the Jungle Marathon event. The idea behind the shoot is actually pretty pimp. Now with any shot out of the thing you know the authenticity factor is through the roof because these aren't just simple studio style shoots where the person poses for the camera but almost all the action shots were taken while the athletes were doing the different stages of the race. Shit got intense during it as well! By the day i left (day 4 out of 6) about a third had already dropped out with a few being taken to the ICU at local hospitals and one actually going into a 40 hour coma! The North Face is legit..bottom line. Here you go with a video we made for kind of the start of a storyline were working on coming from the trip. Also I added a few quick still frame captures from random video clips. Buuunches more to come!

The North Face at the 2009 Jungle Marathon from Hennie vJ on Vimeo.

triple challenge

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got a few vids for you all. seems ive been getting into the promo bizz. stuff is kind of weird since you basically start off with an ad for the event and nothing else. luckily for me, i have quite a collection of older shows i can go and grab random crowd shots and other miscellaneous shots in attempts to make the show to come look sweet. funny thing about the two promos is also that they location they are being held at is brand new as well, aka never had shows there before..we'll see how that turns out i guess. the first show will be on october 3rd and the second will be on the 9th. "unfortunately" i wont be in town for the second show since im headed down to brazil to go help tim kemple to go shoot a jungle marathon down there. absurdly excited on that piece! anyway, this might just be the longest written piece of done on the blog and you are more than likely over reading it. bring on the videos!

Masquerade Ball @ Club Bliss from Hennie vJ on Vimeo.

Cascada and DJ Reza @ iGlow Promo from Hennie vJ on Vimeo.

Electrofy Promo from Hennie vJ on Vimeo.


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evacuate the danceflooorrrr !!! illy song. shes coming to town in early october at a new spot called the rail. i guess im shooting both of the first 2 shows biggg! haha here is a rough cut of the promo i just made up last night. enjoy!

iGlow Promo feat. Cascada from Hennie vJ on Vimeo.

boatz and beatz!

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hey hey! through the last sublime sundaze party some people took note and contacted me about this little jam they arranged. apparently the whole thing was conceived and executed in a bit over a week but they sure did a bang up job for a fun day in the sun! they are looking into having one more before the legitimate fall season steps in and then continuing it next spring/summer as well.

boats and beatz '09 august edition

Boatz & Beatz from Hennie vJ on Vimeo.

catchup again...

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2 quick ones. 1 is badass as hell and the other...was an experience to say the least. have at it.

Alex Honnold free solos Half Dome from Hennie vJ on Vimeo.

Babylon @ Bliss from Hennie vJ on Vimeo.


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yo yo, peep the lil edit i got to cut up for Tim Kemple. Tim just sort of kills it in the photoG game and im for sure looking forward to keep working with him. the shirts from this company look pretty illy as well, got me as far as contemplating picking one up. they have a sale on one of them going on over at their website (, go check it out!

dawn+relentless behind the scenes Salt Flats Shoot from Hennie vJ on Vimeo.

next up is this sicky climbing video im cutting up at the moment for the north face, shit looks craaazy!

Sublime Sundaze 2 Pool Party

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wicked fun! had a ball this past sunday after having the chance to go out to mr ledbetters place and shoot the festivities down there. video starts of with some shots i got earlier in the week out in the salt flats with some killer cars rippin around. enjoy!

Sublime Sundaze 2 from Hennie vJ on Vimeo.


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2 1/2 days later ( pretty much sunday untill now) i got the edit done! peep it, anyone who didn't come to this party was blowing it. i had bunches of fun for sure! if you ever want an event documented you should let me know!

Seduction Saturdays...07/11 from Hennie vJ on Vimeo.

summer of 09

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were stuck in the middle of summer as hell each day, but at least we have the pool right.
the other week i went to a party over at this spot they call the loft. its a bunch of real rad guys all living together and make shit happen. they invited, just a fewww people over to their place and tried to see how legit of a party they could get you go with the results.

party @ theLoft from Hennie vJ on Vimeo.

now for tonight, im off to Seduction Saturdays at Club Sound/In the Venue...hopefully some good things will come from this...

reunion status

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yaga yooo
over the last few months a homie has been asking me to put up the mammoth/tahoe trip i did like 3 years ago. it was the first time that jon, jay and i skied together again since our little car accident. we dragged stu along and met up with bernie and garret in mammoth for a day or two of shredding then went up to northstar up in tahoe for a quick day ride. wicked fun trip. excuse the vulgarity in the beginning of the song.

Mammoth/Tahoe Trip from Hennie vJ on Vimeo.

also, this past weekend i got the chance to go to a banger party at the loft, i had my camera along for the ride and had a blast! that edit should be up here in a few days as well. till later

its been a bit...

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yo yo! i think its been about 2 months since the last post but i have fair reason for not being on top of my blogging recently...ive been having the time of my life! starting in early mid april i went to south africa for a bit to catch up on some family time. after which i came back to slc for a whole day only to jet up to stevens pass washington for a rage shoot up there, spent some time in bend, oregon, did a shoot at bachelor, caught a ride up to mt hood oregon, shot with the surface fools up there for 12 days and then finally made my return to slc. its been rad for sure! now that im not couch surfing anymore it gave me some time to catch up on other my blog! haha, i gotta jet now again, but will be uploading a bunch of snapshots of my past few adventures.

in the meantime here is another sneakpeak at the deadmau5 show i did back in march...enjoy!
thanks to aj and cam for hooking it up with some extra footy putty!

GetLucky 09 w/ Deadmau5 from Hennie vJ on Vimeo.

The Motherland!

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yyyyeah! in about 3 hours i get to hop on a plane destined to johannesburg...aka im stoked. get to have a few days away from it and play with the seasons footy so far. already got a few songs and ideas that id like to mix and mash together. booyaka! expect at least 2 edits when i get back. PEACE!

and then some...

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april 7th i believe? fresh out of the most absurd 2 week sprint in what i thought was spring...170" was reported by alta...reeediculous! so obviously with all this snow i was a bit busy. got some shit done with giray during that time which is rad! just yesterday was the first legit spring day ive seen in ages and we took full advantage of it by heading up to pc for a lil booter action. big thanks to joe mack and erik seo who pulled a bunch of strings for the sesh to go down for sure. blah blah blah, here are some still captures...

joe mack, freshy switch front 5 melon

why grab skis when you have trees?

hes down there in a blur


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so were hitting the end of the road were in idaho...park was a little bit less than promised. BUT here you go with an edit of our time here....

Silver Mountain! from Hennie vJ on Vimeo.


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so im in idaho now, shot 2 raves since i got back. the most recent being this past weekend (get lucky at the saltair) both aj dakoulas and cam riley were kind enough to come and help me out on that one since the guys asked for a 10 minute final...should be fun! down to the essence of these bog postings, the first rave i shot finally got done. this is a sort of promo for nico caliente and loki, theyre both real ill djs who played at love2k...again over at saltair. enjoy!

Love2K w/ Nico Caliente and DJ Loki from Hennie vJ on Vimeo.

oh yeah, im in idaho becauuussseeee...were doing a park shoot here in colab with silver mountain...went up and checked out the resort and they had stuff up with nice wet pow all over. took a couple of laps and came down to rest the legs for later this week....peep an edit coming from that in a few days as well...

on the road again...

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got a call the other day about taking a little trip out of utah. part of that included swinging out to colorado and kicking it with the nick version of the martini brothers. we got to work real fast! this is a  video i shot and nick edited from yesterday.  after having driven through the night and not getting to nicks spot till about 3:30am...we delayed our arrival time to the mtn till about big deal ....

now i know this isnt the cleanest of working on a more pg rated edit so check back later for that. now just to fix my computer and then ill be hitting the road for a bit more...weeyooo!

hell yeah!

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the past 2 weeks have probably been a wicked time for most of you out there. as always im going to share a bit of what ive been up to. here is 1 day out of it. started off with a ride in the tram at snowbasin shooting jamie and reggie shredding it hard. then bolted up to idaho to get some urban shots with schlopy and schuster. weeeyoooo!


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sickkyyy! "it just pukes in utah!" hell yeah, ive been having a great time since back from vt. here you go with a kickass powder edit to peep! thanks to austin for the new suit fe sho!

Saga PowPow! from Hennie vJ on Vimeo.

pulsating it ...

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shot another rave the other day, here you go. next one is scheduled for valentines day...drugs, scantily clad girls, darkness and flashy lights going with rhythmic as fuck music, then an actual day about "love" could make this next one to be a humorous night. speaking of edits, the saga edit will be up on here in a few days as well. weve been getting a buuunch of snow here recently and i have pretty much 2 movies to shoot for so the updates might be starting to deteriorate in frequency. gotta make them bills though!

Pulse from Hennie vJ on Vimeo.

in the works...

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yeah yeah its been a while i know but ive been keeping myself busy so it's not as if you can really complain about it. the other night i shot another rave (pulse) so im currently working on getting that edit up on this beast. been shooting skiing a bunch lately as well and am real stoked on how all of that is looking! here are some quick vid captures that you can look forward to seeing in the video shortly...

on a roll son!

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bumba! new video for ya'll !!!.. canyons as of today, january 22nd.

Canyons Jan 22nd from Hennie vJ on Vimeo.

Surfacing in Colorado!

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the other day i had the pleasure of shooting with the surface cats over in colorado. blake, ian and banks all freaking killed it! here you go with a video to prove it!

Surfacing in Colorado from Hennie vJ on Vimeo.

The Canyons update v2

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yaga yooo!!

finally got back in town son! as rad as it is traveling all over, its nice to be home! unfortunately i neglected to sort pretty much anything at the homefront before i left so i came home to a tornado stricken bedroom and car...cleanup time fe sho!
i got home around 2.30 in the morning on saturday, went to bed and woke up a few hours later ready to attack the canyons again to make another update on the park. witt, brady, stu and ian all joined me for the nice day up there. canyons managed to put up a wicked fun medium level park that was lapped continually throughout the day with smiles being found on everyones faces. on one of our last laps bradys friend tony, who also works on the park crew, took us by the soon to come bigger park...i was impressed! here is a few quick snapshots of 3 features that are to be found once it opens..the other stuff looked way legit as well! the weird wall thing you can see is about 8-10 feet tall!

aaaand the video!

Canyons January 17th from Hennie vJ on Vimeo.

roadtacular madness!

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driving cross country gives you plenty of spare time in a car...what do you do with that sparetime? make edits.

Skate Sesh from Hennie vJ on Vimeo.

hitting the road in the new year!

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yaga yoooo !!! its 8 am, im sitting in a starbucks drinking coffee and blogging...about a year ago id talk shit on someone doing the same...oh well. i have a pretty good excuse for it though, i have to send some files over the intranet while im waiting for aj, tim and holson to come pick me up for our cross country trip. why not check some things off of the list then eh? and where else can i get free internet at 7am? if i were to swing by most anyones spot right then id probably get no answer at the door due to them still being passed out from partying till just a few hours prior...aka jay bel. only 2 more hours to go for sending this file and sitting in a corner while people watching! 

back to the roadtrip joint though; so far the only things i know is that 4 of us are driving in a honda passport with all our ski gear and 2 complete video packages. i know that we are planning on swinging through toronto, michigan, and just found out we are making our way by wisconsin, all the while we will be shooting handrails and whatever else we can find to tap/slide/whatever with skis on the feet...excited for the cramped convines fe sho. this comes just on the heals of another trip i had a few days ago with the meatheads. dont get me wrong, it was wicked productive and all but i had little idea while i was still curing a hangover on a street corner in downtown burlington at 8 am that i would find myself shooting rails till 3 am for the next 3 days across the east coast and further, that i would find myself driving through the big dig tunnels of boston while searching for more rails. fuck it, it was a sick trip! check out the meatheads movie next year for some of that footy!

so as im kicking it here at my starbucks it gives me plenty of time to be trendy and all that...most of you know that im a big fan of music blogs as well...through some random surfing on those things i ran across this rad los campesinos music video...theyre touring the us dogggsss! unfortunately it doesnt look like salt lake is on their itenerary though...bastards.
peep the video and ill get some updates from the road on here in the next few days!


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ohhh man! this is what holida trips to home should be all about! sleeping in late, helping the parents with some house shit, eating food from your parents' fridge! while im taking this lazy day around the house i ran across this pretty ballin mix of tupac and biggie, peep it for your enjoyment!

Biggie vs Tupac (courtesy of