its been a bit...

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yo yo! i think its been about 2 months since the last post but i have fair reason for not being on top of my blogging recently...ive been having the time of my life! starting in early mid april i went to south africa for a bit to catch up on some family time. after which i came back to slc for a whole day only to jet up to stevens pass washington for a rage shoot up there, spent some time in bend, oregon, did a shoot at bachelor, caught a ride up to mt hood oregon, shot with the surface fools up there for 12 days and then finally made my return to slc. its been rad for sure! now that im not couch surfing anymore it gave me some time to catch up on other my blog! haha, i gotta jet now again, but will be uploading a bunch of snapshots of my past few adventures.

in the meantime here is another sneakpeak at the deadmau5 show i did back in march...enjoy!
thanks to aj and cam for hooking it up with some extra footy putty!

GetLucky 09 w/ Deadmau5 from Hennie vJ on Vimeo.