party season?

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yiddigy. so after a nice 2 months delay i finally got my ass into gear and pumped out a real quick halloween party edit. slc killed it on this night actually. the hotel (club elevate), sandbar and lumpys all collaborated on this night. pierpont ave was shut down to traffic and drunk people in costumes were let free to stumble in between the spot of their choosing, one entrance was applicable to all places was good stuff!

SlC BlockParty - Halloween '09 from Hennie vJ on Vimeo.

***READ UP***
this past weekend MSI put on the freeskiing world tour kickoff party over at green street. i called in a favor of one of the go go girls and they came out to help bring a little extra flavor to the party. whats really sweet is that im editing this during the newly acquired 9-5 jam...instead of 2 months to see the video of it, itll only be a few days untill that sucker is up. check back soon!