another promo, big surprise...

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Naughty or Nice? Dec 18th @ The Rail from Hennie vJ on Vimeo.

counting down

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this past weekend i went up to alta to get my first real turns in of the was wicked fun up untill the dreaded calling last run thing came up and bit me in the ass..legit. on the last turn of the last run i went flying into a ditch backwards with my bum hitting some covered up rocks and stumps. i came home and was couch logged for a few hours while i bitched and moaned to an empty room. oh well. on the video front, ive still been hammering out videos over the last few days and thought id put a few of them up. the very, very last of the brazil pieces (tracy garneau) still hasnt been released yet for some reason but once it gets the go ahead ill be sure to throw that one up. past that, i snipped off the freeskiing world tour promo and ill be throwing that guy up this coming monday, to go along with that will also be the north face masters promo that i only did a few tweaks on the titles for it. both of these tours will be significant parts of my coming winter working with msi so be on the lookout for that! this past summer i had the opportunity to go out to the salt flats and shoot some ripping cars with my friend wes. wes is a baller pretty much, he slays shit with adobe and is one of their testers for all the new programs coming out. he took my footage from that day and cut this edit up using premiere and ae in their cs5 versions....yeah, cs5 aka, not out yet but watch for it in a few months! also in an earlier post i put up the electrofy edit, after i put it up a few changees had to be made so now here it is for a return. for some reason the dimensions on it are all fucked and im not really feeling it to go back and change all that yahooness so deal with it.

BMW M5 Salt Flats from Wes Howell on Vimeo.

Klaas @ Electrofy from Hennie vJ on Vimeo.