Surface and Malone

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recently ive gotten the chance the meet the guys over at surface, definate thumbs up on them all. while i was cranking away for the finals week at school i got a phone call about a potential couple of shots needed for them, i was all over it! i got hooked up with kevin malon to go shred some shit up at brighton and then maybe get a few other shots through the weekend. this is what i got over the weekend all while still getting my study on. its been a bit delayed since ive been shooting a bunch more here in vermont..peep the jay video below for a hint of that. yesterday lil john and i hit some pretty sweet urban in town and we, along with the kitty cat are hitting up stowe tomorow, maybe bolton at bar then in burlington at a sweater party aaaand then doing the old smuggs joint on sat. good stuff being home! a little birdy says there might even be a trip to mt snow in the works???

2 Days w/ Malone from Hennie vJ on Vimeo.

rubberband man!

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in the earlier post i mentioned i was stoked on the rubberband man song, what better way to show my stokedness on it by making an edit? here you go with a little mini trip jay, jon and myself took to jay peak up in the great northeast kingdom of vermont!

shit was cold as fuck by the way, by the time we got to the car at 3pm the temperature was around 3...hence the reason why i only took 2 runs...enjoy!

Jay Peak Dec 22 from Hennie vJ on Vimeo.