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so about that job...
so the last month has been hectic to say the least. i could go into all the different things that come my way on a daily basis but it would probably seem pretty petty to complain about it since i have one hell of a rad job! how many people out there get pretty good money for editing skiing and snowboarding stuff? ... a lot of skiing and snowboarding stuff!
here is a taste of some short videos ive done since...late december?

FWT PROMO - the one that didn't get used...

FWT Promo Round 1 from Hennie vJ on Vimeo.

FWT kickoff party...

Freeskiing World Tour Kickoff Party from Hennie vJ on Vimeo.

FWT @ Revelstoke Highlights

Canadian Freeskiing Championships Highlights from Subaru Freeskiing World Tour on Vimeo.

Tom Burt on Judging at The North Face Masters

Tom Burt on Judging The North Face Masters from The North Face Masters on Vimeo.

Daily update videos for all of the tours...this includes both the FWT and TNF Masters...each stop of the tour generally lasts about 3-4 days and include 1-2 videos per day with a highlight video of the event due about a day or two after.

The 2010 North Face Masters Kicks off from Snowbird from The North Face Masters on Vimeo.


Shredding Some Pow on the Weather Day at Snowbird from The North Face Masters on Vimeo.

one of the better highlight videos so far...wasn't too stoked on the revelstoke one so i thought id make up for it with the masters. the difference between this and the the fwt one was that i was actually present and could retell the story a bit better...

The North Face Masters at Snowbird Highlight Video from The North Face Masters on Vimeo.

so i guess that wraps it up for the month of january? check back later for my first tv commercial as well as some word about the tv show series were working on for comcast. go check out freeskiingworldtour.com and thenorthfacemasters.com for most of the videos that ill be working on for the next 2 months. past that i think there are talks about some more party videos (steve aoki in april!!!) as well as some north face stuff, the highlight of that being a trip to south africa in may! weeyooo!

**oh yeah...and then there was aspen...
almost forgot, last week i went to aspen to help out on the powder video awardsto help with the live streaming of the event...amid all the x games hype powder mag has been putting on this award show. this one was their 10th anniversary and the organizers decided to pull out all the stops for it...here are 2 quick videos of it...were currently working on a tv show from these awards as well as a highlight video that should be out in about 2 weeks...see yaa!!!!